November Happenings at Studio 2507

Annie IMG_9307I am in town and so pleased to be working on my new press at the Studio.  Feel free to call or email me and stop on by when I am there!

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October Happenings at Studio 2507

Annie IMG_9839My mobility is back, and I’m back in the studio again.  Just in time for bad weather!!!  Please join me at the gallery First Friday Oct 4th from 6-9 pm-

and :

ALSO !! I’m participating in Portland Open Studios 2013 - along with 95 other artists around the Portland Metro area.  This is a great opportunity to see the private spaces where artists work, view demonstrations, and learn more about the creative process – from the inside!

Portland Open Studios 2013
Watch Artists at Work
October 12, 13, and 19, 20 10am-5pm

To discover other artists’ studios in your neighborhood and experience the full range of artists at work, pick up a Tour Guide.  The $20 Tour Guide is a ticket for two adults (children under 18 are free) and includes images of the artists’ work, a fold-out map, and a 2013/14 calendar. On a budget?  We’ve also got a $7.50 Map Only ticket, also good for two adults, all four days.

Tour Guides can be purchased online at or are available at all New Seasons, and Muse, Collage, I’ve Been Framed, and Columbia Art, from participating artists and many other retail locations throughout the Portland metro area.

If you would rather navigate the tour from your smart phone, then we offer a Portland Open Studios app for iPhone and for Android.  The app includes studio navigation via Google Map, the ability to add notes for future reference and search artist by name or media. Go to the app store to get yours for only $9.99.

Check the blog for last minute updates as well as articles about select artists and special offers for tour visitors: http://www.portlando…

Hope to see you on the tour October 12, 13, and 19, 20 10am-5pm!




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September Happenings at Studio 2507

lo rez annie broken legThanks to all of you who came down to Art In The Pearl Festival this past weekend- good weather, good sales, nice to see old friends and meet new ones.  I am lucky enough with my broken leg saga to be healing ahead of schedule, and am actually able to walk (with a crutch(!) ) and today- even drive!!  So I am on the mend .  Staying in town for most of September, (no France this year due to the broken leg) and hope to be spending time on my own two feet in the studio with my new press.

You are welcome to visit me this month at the studio, and in particular this First Friday Sept 6th from 6-9 pm.  Above is a photo taken by a guest at the studio this past month!

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August happenings at Studio 2507

2013 Will Valley-new blueFor those of you who haven’t heard, I had a bicycle accident and broke my leg a couple weeks ago- so am non weight bearing (just weight gaining!) for the next 6 weeks and hopefully things will go ok with the healing. So limited mobility and need a driver to commute anywhere.  Needless to say , I’ll have to forgo my trip to France this year, but am hoping once I’m up and around to be able to have a productive month in the studio in September.  In my own mind I’m thankful I didn’t injure myself in the winter!!- much easier to get around  barefoot and coat-less.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to be in Art In The Pearl- will wait a couple more weeks to decide on that one- and that I’ll see you there!!!

I also do plan to make it to the studio for First Friday-Aug 2nd 6-9 pm.  And am able to make it over there if you want to meet me-just call or email and I can try to meet you-



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July Happenings at Studio 2507

Eastern OR small 2013I’ll be in town for most of the month of July and will definitely be at the Studio this First Friday July 5th from 6-9 pm.  Come on by!!

I just came back from a trip to Eastern Oregon- Crow’s Shadow Print shop- had a wonderful time there working with a different color scheme- and will be excited to complete the series and present them at the gallery and Art In The Pearl later this summer.

July 27th is also the date of Clinton and Division ST days and I’ll be at the studio then- you’re also welcome to call or email em and I’ll meet you there.  Enjoy the good weather!!!

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April Happenings

Annie 389A6167I’ll be in the studio for First Friday April 4th from 6-9 pm. Come on by for a glass of wine and to cheer the longer and warmer days!

My new press should be arriving this month and installed in the studio- a most exciting event!

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March Happenings

2012 Neuilly en Sancerre003I’ll be in the Studio for First Friday from 6-9 pm.  I’ll also be participating in the SE Area ARTWalk  March 2nd and 3rd from 10-5 pm.  Come on by!


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February happenings at the Studio

I’m in town most of the month- feel free to call me or stop by. The days are getting longer, and the Valentine’s  in the window of the studio and  gallery are for you.

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January Studio Happenings- Happy New Year!!!

Each Year making it through the dark and short days and the  (for me) stress of the holidays is such a challenge.  So I always so appreciate and welcome the New Year, the longer days, and the promise of my beloved summer coming again. It is a reason to celebrate!!!

I’ll be in the studio for First Friday with my (now traditional) crab taco’s. Please feel free to come by.  I’ll be taking some small trips this month to warmer places for sun and inspiration, but feel free to contact me to meet you at the Studio during the month.

Best of all, I’ve purchased a new – much larger etching press that should be delivered in the next month or so- I’m very excited to have a press that is the scale of the prints that I’ve been making. No more pushing the print through the press on a 7 foot board!!!  (Altho it did work!!)

Come on by this First Friday and have a glass of cheer and say hi!!! and Happy New Year!!!


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December 2012

I’ll be in town this First Friday, and welcome seeing all of you  at the Studio from 6-9 pm.  I’m also in town this month- feel free to call  or email me if you want some art from the studio and I’ll meet you.

I’m pleased to have had such a busy and successful year at the Gallery and with my artwork. Thank you all so much for your support and happy holidays to all of you!

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